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Regardless of your approval for a medicine, XYON will cover the cost of your initial consultation with a dermatologist.

Future visits with your dermatologist through the XYON platform are included in the cost of your XYON subscription.

Once you complete your profile online, a dermatologist will review your personal information and connect with you within three to five business days to discuss your eligibility.

You will need to create a XYON account and begin the consultation process to get started. This will provide the dermatologist with the background information they need to determine the appropriate plan. You will need to review and sign a consent form as well. These two forms plus your photographs will then be sent to the dermatologist for evaluation. The best way to expedite the process is to give your full and complete information when creating your XYON account to allow the dermatologist to make an informed decision.

In most cases, the information required to determine eligibility for treatment can be obtained by the dermatologist through the online consultation. You will be able to ask questions of the dermatologist through online chat. This will provide a seamless and discreet service for you, offering unparalleled convenience.

If more information is required, the dermatologist may book a follow-up call.

The dermatologists are highly qualified with many years of experience in hair and skin conditions. They have all the expertise necessary to diagnose the cause of your hair loss. The clinical intake process will provide them with the necessary background information needed to make a diagnosis and decide on a treatment plan.

The dermatologists you will be seeing are highly qualified with years of experience in hair and skin conditions, and have all the expertise necessary to diagnose the cause of your hair loss. Dr. Hasson is not specifically providing consulting services through the XYON platform. You may of course consult Dr. Hasson through his clinical practice ( There may be a cost associated with this consultation.

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