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XYON is a men’s health and vitality company that offers innovative solutions backed by science and formulated to deliver the best clinical results.

The dermatologists available through the XYON platform take a compassionate, multifaceted and results-driven approach to address your hair loss. We understand the many ways that hair loss may be negatively impacting your confidence. We believe that your ability to live your best life shouldn’t be limited by current options and we have developed cutting-edge alternatives for you.

The dermatologists available through the XYON platform have extensive experience and expertise in skin and hair conditions. These physicians are individually licensed to practice medicine in your state or province, are board-certified and are leaders in their respective fields with various academic institutional affiliations.

Dermatologists are medical specialists fully trained in diagnosing and treating conditions of the skin, hair and nails. Dermatologists undergo extensive training, including an undergraduate degree, medical school, and residency training for twelve years or more to become experts in the field of dermatology.

We at XYON Health believe that managing hair loss requires an expert opinion in order to make a diagnosis and provide the most cutting edge and evidence-based treatment. This is paramount as the landscape for treating hair loss continually evolves. A board-certified dermatologist means that they have not only completed rigorous and comprehensive exams on the knowledge and skills acquired during their years of training, but that they also stay up-to-date with the research in their field.

XYON is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Specialist dermatologists who will consult with you are located in the United States or Canada to serve you depending on where you live.

Dr. Victor Hasson, MD and Dr. Simon Pimstone, MD, PhD, FRCPC founded XYON to deliver clinical hair loss solutions for men. Dr. Hasson is an internationally renowned, leading hair loss specialist and hair transplant surgeon based out of Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Pimstone is an internal medicine specialist with a PhD in genetics and founder of numerous biotechnology companies with extensive drug development expertise. Dr. Pimstone is also based in Vancouver.

XYON offers a unique platform for customers to access specialists and innovative formulation. XYON is a leader in men’s health and vitality with a major focus on hair loss. XYON has numerous novel formulations available and in development including plans to launch a broad OTC (over-the-counter) range of products for men’s hair and skin.

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