About XYON

We believe in delivering better healthcare solutions to help men live their best lives.

For XYON, finding a better solution to hair loss has always been personal. As clinicians, our founders witnessed the quality-of-life impacts hair loss could have for their patients. They also had direct personal experience with it.

Knowing first-hand that many hair loss treatments available were not very effective or had undesirable side effects, they felt compelled to provide a safer, more reliable option. Above all, they believed that there needed to be a better solution to hair loss: both for the men they cared for in their practices and the younger men they used to be.

Thus, by combining their personal passion with their knowledge and expertise, XYON was born.

The Founders

Dr. Simon Pimstone, MD, PhD, FRCPC

With 25 years as a leading physician, Dr. Pimstone has been fiercely determined in utilizing his medical expertise to help people live their best, healthiest lives. As a scientist and entrepreneur, he has spearheaded numerous life science and medical companies, and holds a clinical position at the University of British Columbia, Department of Medicine.

Determined to deliver better, more effective and ethical healthcare solutions, Dr. Pimstone founded XYON to ensure that men today do not have to experience hair loss that begun in his 20’s, when there were no treatment options available.

Dr. Victor Hasson, MD

Dr. Hasson is a world-renowned hair restoration expert, with decades-long experience of helping men live their fullest, most confident lives. As a co-founder of Hasson & Wong, an internationally recognized hair transplant clinic based in Vancouver, Canada, he has been a global pioneer in hair restoration surgery.

With an innovator’s approach to continually perfecting his practice, Dr. Hasson is dedicated to using cutting-edge science and expertise to help men embrace their true, transformative potential.
XYON is founded by world renowned hair restoration specialist, Dr. Victor Hasson, MD
and pharmaceutical drug innovator, Dr. Simon Pimstone, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Dr. Victor Hasson, MD

Dr. Simon Pimstone, MD, PhD, FRCPC

“For three decades, I’ve dedicated myself to develop innovative health solutions to help men feel their absolute best.”

– Dr. Victor Hasson, MD

*XYON’s Founders, Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Simon Pimstone are shareholders in XYON and have a financial stake in the Company.