About XYON

XYON was founded by renowned medical specialists who saw the quality-of-life challenges that conditions like hair loss and erectile dysfunction had on the men they were caring for. Unlike other men’s health companies, our clinical and scientific founders have specifically designed a range of products, services and treatments to deliver health and wellness solutions not into your body, but onto your skin, where they’re needed.

Our “Only-in-XYON” portal will provide you with exclusive access to thought leaders and valuable, trusted knowledge in key areas of men’s health for your personalized therapeutic options.

At XYON, we aim to be recognized as the most innovative men’s health and wellness brand in the world. We are committed to a healthier you and a healthier, more sustainable world.

We are headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

The Founders

Simon Pimstone, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Simon continues to be at the forefront of innovative health solutions as a scientist, clinician and entrepreneur with 25 years of drug development expertise. He has founded or built multiple private and public life sciences companies to help people live at their best, including Xenon Pharmaceuticals, Eupraxia Pharmaceuticals, Alpha9 Theranostics and Kokua Pharmaceuticals.

Victor Hasson, MD

Victor has helped men regain their natural confidence on five continents, as a world-renowned expert in hair restoration surgery and treatments. Over his decades-long practice, he has become a key opinion leader and global influencer in his specialty. Victor is a founder of Hasson & Wong, one of the premier men’s hair clinics internationally.